Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre relies on donations from people like your self and would really like your support, we are very grateful to have the opportunity to share with the world our information that we have gathered and preserved.


Through your donations we can have the funding to;


Maintain structures and Artifacts.

Repair and clean existing structures so they may be accessed and used.

Expand our collection of Artifacts.

Advertise our events and tours.

Have a Paid staff member to be able to manage and maintain the facility.

off set our website costs

Have fencing for outside exhibits.

Find, retrieve, transport a few old rail cars so we may have them for display.

Work with our community with events.

Provide assistance to our community for those in need.

Not all these areas are in place yet but with more finding we can provide all these functions and more. Please keep in mind that we are also a GREAT place to volunteer with, and we are very flexible and would like to share and learn with others to help build our community into a strong and vibrate Alberta town.

Take a look at our projects that we are working on completing for next season.

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Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre