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In the museum you will find all sorts of information pertaining to the evolution of farming and the processes that the grain went though.

Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre

2119 19th Avenue

Nanton, Alberta


We are located East off the Highway.

Our front doors are on the east side of the building.

North bound highway is considered 20th Avenue in town.

South bound highway is considered 21st Avenue in town

There is a subway on the northbound highway which is on the south west corner of where you need to turn.

The Tom Hornecker Arena is on the north east corner when you are coming southbound into town.

 Big ORANGE Building you can't miss it!

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Family - $10.00

Family - we consider Family to be of the same house hold, we do hold allowances for grandparents bringing the children.


Since our prices are reasonable, we would like you to understand that we will not give group rate discounts.

~ We require at least one adult per 5 children in a group booking.

~ We would like at least a weeks notice for large groups.

~ We are wheel chair accessible for tours, how ever due to building design our washrooms are not wheel chair accessible.

~ If the group is large enough we would like you to consider a dual tour with ourselves and one of the other local attractions.

there are no specific times for the tours, you may also opt out of the guided tour (not recommended) and look around your self.

Rules of Etiquette

Yes Certain Items are interactive how ever not all objects may be touched, as time goes on we will have more interactive items for display.

No food or drinks in the museum area - spills and food dropping can attract more little friends then we need.

Please do not let your children climb on the tractor as they might fall and injure themselves.

Please by all means have fun and enjoy the information and articles that we have on display.

Tour Information

General Information


How much time does a tour take?


Generally a tour may take between 45 minutes to an hour, it has been known to take an hour and a half with some groups as they are very inquisitive.


What would I expect?

You will walk away with a greater understanding of how important farming, grain, distribution are to the establishment of our culture in the early pioneer days on through the early 1900's.




What time do the tours start?


You may have a guided tour or an unguided tour, tours start when the guest is ready. Please keep in mind that if the guides are all ready on a tour you may have a slight wait.


Does the guided tour and the self tour cost the same?


Yes, the cost is the same, consider the tour guide as a bonus.

Group Bookings School Groups

Please contact for groups larger then 12 people.

All groups must have at least one adult per 5 children.

if groups are larger then 20 people we suggest doubling up on the tour with another local museum and we can rotate between the 2 museums.

Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre